The audio/viusal technologies division of Americon:

Americon is a multi-faceted company who for over four decades has utilized it's multi-faceted fields of expertise under the same roof to supply complete packages.

  • Over 43 Years Experience in Audiovisual Design

  • The Nation's Premiere Technical Furniture Manufacturer

  • Audiovisual Integration and commissioning

We are in a unique position to offer all three disciplines simultaneously. All of our sales consultants are trained to collaborate with the client on his or her project needs and relate them back to our designers in short order. Our departments interface with each other to formulate the most cost effective solutions. Providing a total solution circumvents many of the pitfalls that accompany dealing with multiple disciplines. Our turnkey approach also eliminates the finger pointing that is almost inevitable with multi-contractor projects. The faster we get answers back to the client, the faster the client can make educated choices. In a world dominated by the CYA doctrine, we understand that "The Buck Stops Here".


Americon has created the largest and most complete Command & Control showroom in the United States. Experience a number of "Visionmaster" rear projection DLP and ultra-thin mullion LCD panel video walls. Kick the tires of many styles of technical furniture and their accessories. Tryout the latest toys for dispatch, war rooms, command & control, call centers and our unique engraved modular furniture.

Americon Worldwide Headquarters
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900 Flynn Road
Camarillo, CA 93012
(805) 987-0412

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